The 100 Best Turkish Movies of All Time / Tüm Zamanların En İyi 100 Türk Filmi

| January 26, 2016

According to Sinema Magazine (2012) the 100 Best Turkish Movies of all time.

1. EşkiyaThe Bandit (1996) Poster (1996)
The epic adventures of the legendary Baran the Bandit following his release from prison. After serving 35 years…(128 mins.)

Director: Yavuz Turgul

Stars: Sener SenUgur YücelSermin HürmericYesim Salkim

2.  Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım (1978)
Story of a dilemma between a woman’s love and her logic. Asya, a young girl with a strict mother, meets Ilyas who is a womanizer city man… (90 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Türkan SorayKadir InanirAhmet MekinHülya Tuglu

The Chaos Class (1975) Poster3. Hababam Sınıfı (1975)

Lazy, uneducated students share a very close bond. They live together in the dormitory, where they plan their latest pranks. When a new headmaster arrives, the students naturally try to overthrow him. A comic war of nitwits follows. (87 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Kemal SunalMünir ÖzkulHalit AkçatepeTarik Akan

4. Babam ve Oğlum (2005)

Sadik is one of the rebellious youth who has been politically active as a university student and became a left-wing journalist in the 70’s… (108 mins.)

Director: Çagan Irmak

Stars: Fikret KuskanÇetin TekindorHümeyraSerif Sezer

5. Züğürt Ağa (1985)

The landowner (Agha) of the Haraptar village marries off his old father with the young and beautiful Kiraz… (101 mins.)

Director: Nesli Colgecen

Stars: Sener SenErdal ÖzyagcilarNilgün NazliFüsun Demirel

Innocence (1997) Poster6. Masumiyet (1997)

Yusuf is released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence. He is scared of life outside as he goes to an address given to him by another prisoner. (110 mins.)

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz

Stars: Güven KiraçHaluk BilginerDerya AlaboraYalcin Cakmak

7. Ağır Roman (1997)

A young car mechanic, while in the middle of an unlikely love affair, tries to protect the people in his poor neighborhood from a gangster who terrorizes the locals. (120 mins.)

Director: Mustafa Altioklar

Stars: Okan BayülgenMüjde ArSavas DinçelMustafa Ugurlu

8. Muhsin Bey (1987)

An ingenuous countryman Ali Nazik migrates to Istanbul and meets producer Muhsin Kanadikirik to have his first album.(119 mins.)

Director: Yavuz Turgul

Stars: Sener SenUgur YücelSermin HürmericOsman Cavci

Yol (1982) Poster9. Yol (1982)

A harsh portrait of Turkey, its people and its authorities, shown through the stories of five prisoners given a week’s home leave… (114 mins.)

Director: Serif GörenYilmaz Güney

Stars: Tarik AkanSerif SezerHalil ErgünMeral Orhonsay

10. Neşeli Günler (1978)

A mid-aged couple with 6 kids who are running a pickle shop gets divorced with 3 kids each. The family members find each other years later with a funny story. (92 mins.)

Director: Orhan Aksoy

Stars: Münir ÖzkulAdile NasitSener SenAysen Gruda

11. Tosun Paşa (1976)

Late 19th century in Alexandria. Two traditionally rival Turkish families, “Seferoglu”s and “Tellioglu”s are competing for the “Green Valley”… (90 mins.)

Director: Kartal Tibet

Stars: Kemal SunalMüjde ArAdile NasitSener Sen

12. Uçurtmayı Vurmasınlar (1989)

In Türkiyë, when a woman is sent to prison, her small children stay with her. In this film, Inci (say… (100 mins.)

Director: Tunç Basaran

Stars: Nur SürerFüsun DemirelGüzin ÖzipekGüzin Ozyagcilar

Vizontele (2001) Poster13. Vizontele (2001)

The film is about the introduction of television to a small village in southeast Anatolia in 1974. Employing a tragicomic language… (110 mins.)

Director: Yilmaz ErdoganÖmer Faruk Sorak

Stars: Yilmaz ErdoganDemet AkbagAltan ErkekliCem Yilmaz

14. Issız Adam (2008)

Tells about those people whose lives have been isolated by modern lifestyles; It is also Foods, mothers, old songs and love that this movie is consists of. (113 mins.)

Director: Çagan Irmak

Stars: Melis BirkanCemal HünalYildiz KültürSerif Bozkurt

15. G.O.R.A. (2004)

A slick young Turk kidnapped by extraterrestrials shows his great « humanitarian spirit » by outwitting the evil commander-in-chief of the planet of G.O.R.A. (127 mins.)

Director: Ömer Faruk Sorak

Stars: Cem YilmazRasim ÖztekinÖzkan UgurIdil Firat

16. Süt Kardeşler (1976)

Shaban is Ramadan’s best friend whom he met whilst serving as a marine in the Ottoman navy forces. But things get really complicated when Ramadan falls in love with Shaban’s milk sister, Gulshen Sonofbubik. (80 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Kemal SunalSener SenHalit AkçatepeHale Soygazi

Feyzo, the Polite One (1978) Poster17. Kibar Feyzo (1978)

A feudal village in Southeastern Turkey in 1970’s. A poor peasant, Feyzo returns from military service dreaming about getting married to Gülo… (83 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Kemal SunalSener SenIlyas SalmanAdile Nasit

18. Nefes (2009)

Story of 40-man Turkish task force who must defend a relay station. (128 mins.)

Director: Levent Semerci

Stars: Mete HorozogluIlker KizmazBaris BagciOzgur Eren Koc

Abbas in Flower (1982) Poster19. Çiçek Abbas (1982)

Abbas is the assistant of Sakir who is a rogue guy, and Abbas has a dream which is to buy a minibus for his own. (87 mins.)

Director: Sinan Çetin

Stars: Ilyas SalmanSener SenAysen GrudaPembe Mutlu


Gemide (1998)


The sailors who were duped by woman sellers, want to steal their capitals to retaliate from them. There are four men and one woman in a ruined boat… (102 mins.)

Director: Serdar Akar

Stars: Erkan CanHaldun BoysanYildiray SahinlerNaci Tasdögen

21. Kader (2006)

Bekir is in love with Ugur, who loves Zagor who loves to commit crimes. (103 mins.)

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz

Stars: Vildan AtaseverUfuk BayraktarEngin AkyürekMüge Ulusoy

Losers' Club (2011) Poster22. Kaybedenler Kulübü (2011)

Kaan and Mete, co-hosts of a mid 1990s radio show called Kaybedenler Kulübü (Losers’ Club), struggle… (105 mins.)

Director: Tolga Örnek

Stars: Nejat IslerYigit ÖzsenerAhu TürkpençeIdil Firat

23. Herşey Çok Güzel Olacak (1998)


When Altan swipes prescription drugs from his brother Nuri’s pharmacy, they soon find themselves on… (107 mins.)

Director: Ömer Vargi

Stars: Cem YilmazMazhar AlansonCeyda DüvenciSelim Nasit

24. Canım Kardeşim (1973)

Two poor men try to find a television as a last wish for the terminally ill brother of one of them. (92 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Tarik AkanKahraman KiralHalit AkçatepeMetin Akpinar

Distant (2002) Poster25. Uzak (2002)

After his wife leaves him, a photographer has an existential crisis and tries to cope with his cousin’s visit. (110 mins.)

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Stars: Muzaffer ÖzdemirEmin ToprakZuhal GencerNazan Kesal

26. Av Mevsimi (2010)


The lives of three homicide detectives are turned upside-down during a murder investigation. (140 mins.)

Director: Yavuz Turgul

Stars: Sener SenCem YilmazÇetin TekindorMelisa Sözen

27. Gönül Yarası (2005)

Idealist Nazim returns home to his family in Istanbul after a 15-year gap away teaching in a remote Kurdish village in eastern Turkey… (142 mins.)

Director: Yavuz Turgul

Stars: Meltem CumbulSener SenTimuçin EsenGüven Kiraç

28. Anayurt Oteli (1987)

The lonely proprietor of a small hotel in a provincial Turkish town develops a passion for a departed guest and the reality of routine everyday-life starts crumbling into pieces. (101 mins.)

Director: Ömer Kavur

Stars: Macit KoperSahika TekandOrhan ÇagmanSerra Yilmaz

29. Vavien (2009)

Celal, lives an unhappy family life with his wife Sevilay and his child in a small town. Celal and his brother Cemal… (100 mins.)

Director: Durul TaylanYagmur Taylan

Stars: Engin GünaydinBinnur KayaSettar TanriögenIlker Aksum

Three Monkeys (2008) Poster30. Üç Maymun (2008)

A family suffers from a major communication breakdown during their struggle to get through their hardships. (109 mins.)

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Stars: Yavuz BingolHatice AslanAhmet Rifat SungarErcan Kesal

31. Sevmek Zamanı (1965)

Halil who is a painter falls in love with a picture which belongs to a daughter of a mansion’s owner. One day, the girl comes into the mansion while Halil is looking at the picture. (89 mins.)

Director: Metin Erksan

Stars: Müsfik KenterSema ÖzcanSüleyman TekcanOya Bulaner

32. Arabesk (1989)

This is the tragicomic story of two lovers who cannot ever get together. Sener is the son of a simple… (105 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Sener SenMüjde ArUgur YücelNecati Bilgiç

The Herd (1979) Poster33. Sürü (1979)

Because of a local blood feud, a peasant family in eastern Turkey decides to sell its sheep – a most precious commodity – in far away Ankara… (129 mins.)

Director: Zeki Ökten

Stars: Tarik AkanMelike DemiragErol DemirözLevent Inanir

34. Mustafa Hakkında Herşey (2004)

Mustafa is a successful business man living a seemingly great life with his family when an accident… (119 mins.)

Director: Çagan Irmak

Stars: Nejat IslerFikret KuskanBasak KöklükayaSerif Sezer

35. Kapıcılar Kralı (1976)

A janitor/doorman and his family who came to “big city” Istanbul, with the hope to live a better life… (84 mins.)

Director: Zeki Ökten

Stars: Kemal SunalSevda FerdagSevil UstekinBilge Zobu

Hope (1970) Poster36. Umut (1970)

“Umut” is the story of an illiterate man and his family, whose existence depends on his income as a horse cab driver… (100 mins.)

Director: Serif GörenYilmaz Güney

Stars: Yilmaz GüneyGülsen AlniaçikTuncel KurtizKürsat Alniaçik

37. Tavutta Rövaşata (1996)

Mahsun is homeless and unemployed. He lives in Rumelihisari (one of the most picturesque and oldest quarters of Istanbul)…(75 mins.)

Director: Dervis Zaim

Stars: Ahmet UgurluTuncel KurtizAysen AydemirMahmut Benek

38. Başka Dilde Aşk (2009)

Onur, who has been deaf since birth, works as a librarian. His father had left him and his mother when he was seven… (98 mins.)

Director: Ilksen Basarir

Stars: Mert FiratSaadet AksoyEmre KarayelLale Mansur

39. Sonbahar (2008)

A man struggles after his release from ten years as a political prisoner. (99 mins.)

Director: Özcan Alper

Stars: Onur SaylakMegi KobaladzeSerkan KeskinRaife Yenigül

40. Tatar Ramazan (1990)

(95 mins.)

Director: Melih Gülgen

Stars: Kadir InanirKazim KartalYaman OkayHikmet Tasdemir

41. Bizim Aile (1975)

A love story between a poor man and a rich girl. The rich girl’s father tries to prevent their marriage and he declares a war against the poor boy’s family. (88 mins.)

Director: Ergin Orbey

Stars: Tayfun AkalinTarik AkanTuncay AkçaHalit Akçatepe

42. Karpuz Kabugundan Gemiler Yapmak (2004)

This is a movie about amateur spirit made with an amateur spirit. It is the story of two adolescents who live in a small village… (97 mins.)

Director: Ahmet Ulucay

Stars: Fizuli CaferofGülayse ErkocHasbiye GünayKadir Kaymaz

Dry Summer (1963) Poster43. Susuz Yaz (1963)

A tobacco farmer tries to ruin his competitors crops by diverting water to his property. (90 mins.)

Director: Metin Erksan

Stars: Erol TasHülya KoçyigitUlvi DoganAlaettin Altiok

44. Gülen Gözler (1977)

Yasar and his wife Nezaket have kept on producing children in the hope of finally getting a male child… (97 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Münir ÖzkulAdile NasitHalit AkçatepeMüjde Ar

I Saw the Sun (2009) Poster45. Güneşi Gördüm (2009)

In the southeast region of Turkey, the Altun family lives in a small mountainside village plagued by a 25-year war… (120 mins.)

Director: Mahsun Kirmizigül

Stars: Mahsun KirmizigülDemet EvgarMurat ÜnalmisCemal Toktas

46. Şekerpare (1983)

A police officer, Cumali, falls in love with Sekerpare who is a prostitute. However his chief, Ziver Bey… (90 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Ilyas SalmanSener SenYaprak ÖzdemirogluAysen Gruda

47. Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006)

A story about the tragedy and the danger of humor and the humorist – A comedy as grand as the Lands of Rome… (135 mins.)

Director: Ezel Akay

Stars: Haluk BilginerSebnem DönmezBeyazGüven Kiraç

The International (2006) Poster48. Beynelmilel (2006)

It is 80’s Turkey, local musicians of Adiyaman are hired by the military and trained to welcome one of the forceful generals of coup regime. (105 mins.)

Director: Muharrem GulmezSirri Süreyya Önder

Stars: Cezmi BaskinÖzgü NamalUmut KurtNazmî Kirik

49. Kosmos (2010)

A strange man with otherworldly talents becomes both a friend and a pariah in a small Turkish town in this drama from writer and director Reha Erdem… (122 mins.)

Director: Reha Erdem

Stars: Sermet YesilTürkü TuranSerkan KeskinHakan Altuntas

50. Bal (2010)

The quiet life of a boy and his family is endangered when his father does not return home from his work collecting honey in the forest. (103 mins.)

Director: Semih Kaplanoglu

Stars: Bora AltasErdal BesikçiogluTülin ÖzenAyse Altay

51. Ah Nerede (1975)

Three boys are having their higher education in Istanbul (!). In fact, they are messing around and dealing with radical politics, girls and gamble. However the oldest discovers love, and the three realize it is time for change (90 mins.)

Director: Orhan Aksoy

Stars: Aydan AdanTarik AkanHalit AkçatepeNilgün Atilgan

52. Dilâ Hanım (1978)

(86 mins.)

Director: Orhan Aksoy

Stars: Türkan SorayKadir InanirErol TasKadir Savun

53. Sultan (1978)

(88 mins.)

Director: Kartal Tibet

Stars: Türkan SorayBulut ArasAdile NasitSener Sen

54. Recep İvedik (2008)

The movie is about a man trying to impress his childhood lover, although it may sound like a romantic movie… (90 mins.)

Director: Togan Gokbakar

Stars: Sahan GökbakarFatma ToptasTulug ÇizgenIsmail Hakki

Takva: A Man's Fear of God (2006) Poster55. Takva (2006)

A promotion brings a Muslim’s relationship with God into question. (96 mins.)

Director: Özer Kiziltan

Stars: Erkan CanMeray ÜlgenGüven KiraçÖznur Kula

56. Vesikalı Yarim (1968)

(89 mins.)

Director: Lütfi Akad

Stars: Türkan SorayIzzet GünayAyfer FeraySemih Sezerli


57. Yazı Tura (2004)

Yazi Tura (Toss Up) is the film of two stories taking place in 1999. Stories of two young men… One is “Ridvan the Devil”…(102 mins.)

Director: Ugur Yücel

Stars: Olgun SimsekKenan ImirzaliogluBahri BeyatEngin Günaydin

Revenge of the Snakes (1962) Poster58. Yılanların Öcü (1962)


Karaagac was a small village and Bayram had an ordinary life with his mother Irazca, wife Hatice and children in there until Haceli take a place front of his house to make a new building.(108 mins.)

Director: Metin Erksan

Stars: Fikret HakanNurhan NurAliye RonaSadiye Arcýman

59. Anlat İstanbul (2005)

(99 mins.)

Director: Ömür AtaySelim Demirdelen

Stars: Altan ErkekliÖzgü NamalMehmet GünsürErkan Can

60. Hokkabaz (2006)

Failed magician Iskender decides to do a tour to save his career, but has to bring his grumpy and senile father along. The tour is quite unexpectedly interrupted when a bride actually disappears from the stage. (122 mins.)

Director: Ali Taner BaltaciCem Yilmaz

Stars: Cem YilmazMazhar AlansonÖzlem TekinTuna Orhan

61. Neredesin Firuze? (2004)

Having failed incredibly many times in attempts to find a big talent and to be rich, the two producers… (128 mins.)

Director: Ezel Akay

Stars: Özcan DenizHaluk BilginerSebnem DönmezDemet Akbag

62. Mavi Boncuk (1974)

4 friends who are mistreated in a casino want to revenge by kidnapping the singer of the casino. (79 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Emel SayinTarik AkanZeki AlasyaMetin Akpinar

63. Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak (2006)

The film covers through fiction real-life events like the occupation of Iraq, the execution of Daniel Pearl, the Hood event and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. (122 mins.)

Director: Serdar AkarSadullah Sentürk

Stars: Necati SasmazBilly ZaneGhassan MassoudGürkan Uygun

The Edge of Heaven (2007) Poster64. Yaşamın Kıyısında (2007)

A Turkish man travels to Istanbul to find the daughter of his father’s former girlfriend. (116 mins.)

Director: Fatih Akin

Stars: Baki DavrakGürsoy GemecCengiz DanerTuncel Kurtiz

65. Aaahh Belinda (1989)

After Serap, the theatre actress, acts in an advertisement, she loses her identity and become a housewife with two children. The movie is about dilemma of Serap and Naciye. (100 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Müjde ArMacit KoperYilmaz ZaferFüsun Demirel

66. Namuslu (1985)

When an incorruptible government pay clerk, who isn’t taken seriously by anyone including his family, get robbed while carrying huge amount of work money, he becomes popular because people believe he faked the robbery and kept the money. (93 mins.)

Director: Ertem Egilmez

Stars: Sener SenAdile NasitAysen GrudaErdal Özyagcilar

O Beautiful Istanbul (1966) Poster67. Ah Güzel İstanbul (1966)

Black comedy about a girl who runs away from her rural village to Istanbul to become and actress and an old drunkard street photographer. (97 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Sadri AlisikAyla AlganHandan AdaliDiclehan Baban

68. Otobüs (1975)

A group of illegal immigrants are brought to Stockholm in a bus by a smuggler who takes all their money and passports, and then runs away. (84 mins.)

Director: Tunç Okan

Stars: Tunç OkanTuncel KurtizBjörn GeddaOguz Arlas

69. İstanbul Kanatlarım Altında (1996)

The story takes us back to the 17th century Istanbul, and the powerful times of the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Sultan Murad IV… (119 mins.)

Director: Mustafa Altioklar

Stars: Ege AydanOkan BayülgenBeatriz RicoSavas Ay

70. Çoğunluk (2010)

Mertkan has a simple life in Istanbul: ‘working’ as an office-boy in his dad’s construction company… (111 mins.)

Director: Seren Yüce

Stars: Bartu KüçükçaglayanSettar TanriögenNihal G. KoldasEsme Madra

71. Zübük (1980)

This is the story of the politician named Zubuk. He gets expelled from the political party that he is a member of… (88 mins.)

Director: Kartal Tibet

Stars: Kemal SunalNevra SerezliKadir SavunZeki Alpan

72. Hayat Var (2008)

Hayat, her father and bedridden grandfather live in a riverside shack near the dangerously dark but breathtakingly beautiful waters of the Bosphorus… (121 mins.)

Director: Reha Erdem

Stars: Elit IscanErdal BesikçiogluLevent YilmazBanu Fotocan

73. Dönüş (1972)

(94 mins.)

Director: Türkan Soray

Stars: Türkan SorayKadir InanirBilal InciOsman Alyanak

74. İnsan Nedir ki? (2004)

In an apartment building where neighbors, friends, and family are living in close quarters, three male… (128 mins.)

Director: Reha Erdem

Stars: Turgay AydinArzu BazmanAli DüsenkalkarKöksal Engür

Times and Winds (2006) Poster75. Selamsız Bandosu (1987)

Selamsiz (wich means ‘no greeting’) is a small town in Anatolia. The town has a lot of problems but noone from governments come and see the town… (107 mins.)

Director: Nesli Colgecen

Stars: Sener SenAli UyandiranÜstün AsutayGuzin Coragan

76. Beş Vakit (2006)

A small, poor village leaning over high rocky mountains, facing the immense sea, flanked by olive yards… (111 mins.)

Director: Reha Erdem

Stars: Ozen OzkanAli Bey KayaliElit IscanBülent Emin Yarar

77. Dondurmam Kaymak (2006)

Ali, who is ice cream salesman in Mugla, tries to survive in the face of fierce competition from the big ice cream brands…(100 mins.)

Director: Yüksel Aksu

Stars: Nejat AltinsoyMehmet AmcaLevent ArasAyse Aslan

Climates (2006) Poster78. İklimler (2006)

A dowdy university instructor Isa is an inattentive husband to his younger, TV-business wife Bahar. Self-absorbed and selfish, Isa only communicates in the most rudimentary way, while she, similarly, detaches into crying jags and juvenile behavior.(101 mins.)

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Stars: Ebru CeylanNuri Bilge CeylanNazan KesalMehmet Eryilmaz

79. Teyzem (1987)

7 yo Umur falls in love with his much older aunt in the midst of political upheaval and dysfunctions of his family. (105 mins.)

Director: Halit Refig

Stars: Müjde ArYasar AlptekinMehmet AkanAyse Demirel

80. Piano Piano Bacaksız (1991)

(81 mins.)

Director: Tunç Basaran

Stars: Rutkay AzizEmin SivasSerap AksoyYaman Okay

81. Yumurta (2007)

Poet Yusuf (35-38) returns to his childhood hometown, which he hadn’t visited for years, upon his mother’s death… (97 mins.)

Director: Semih Kaplanoglu

Stars: Nejat IslerSaadet AksoyUfuk BayraktarTülin Özen

82. Sarı Mercedes (1992)

The film is based on ‘Fikrimin Ince Gulu’, a novel by Adalet Agaoglu, which depicts a first generation gurbetci/guest-worker returning home… (90 mins.)

Director: Bay Okan

Stars: Ilyas SalmanValérie LemoineMicky SébastianAlexander Gittinger

Friend (1974) Poster83. Arkadaş (1974)


After betraying his social class, denying his peasant roots and fleeing his native village, Ahmed has… (105 mins.)

Director: Yilmaz Güney

Stars: Kerim AfsarAzra BalkanCivan CanovaMelike Demirag




Ömer the Tourist (1964) Poster84. Turist Ömer  (1964)


Turist Ömer is a poor man. He finds a job in bank to distribute fake money for advertisement. He accidentally takes the bag full of real money from the burglars. He spends the money for his friends’ needs while the burglars search for him. (90 mins.)

Director: Hulki Saner

Stars: Sadri AlisikVahi ÖzMualla SürerÇolpan Ilhan

85. Dar Alanda Kısa Paslaşmalar (2000)

Thirtysomething Suat still lives with his parents and works at his father’s store when not practicing as goalie for the local football team… (120 mins.)

Director: Serdar Akar

Stars: Fatih AkyolMüjde ArAkasya AsiltürkmenSezai Aydin

86. Gurbet Kuşları (1964)

A Family immigrates from suburb to metropolitan to have a better life. Inspired from the Orhan Kemal’s same named novel “Abroad birds”, published in 1962. (90 mins.)

Director: Halit Refig

Stars: Tanju GürsuÖzden ÇelikPervin ParÖnder Somer

Ask Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni (1990) Poster87. Aşk Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni (1990)

Hasmet, director of love stories, wants to make a film with a “social content”. He makes a deal with the producer Abdulkadir… (106 mins.)

Director: Yavuz Turgul

Stars: Sener SenPitircik AkermanAytaç YörükaslanYavuzer Çetinkaya

88. Yazgı (2001)

Musa, who works as a bookkeeper in the customs office, believes in the emptiness and absurdity of life… (119 mins.)

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz

Stars: Serdar OrçinZeynep TokusEngin GünaydinDemir Karahan


İki Dil Bir Davul (2008 Documentary)

One year in the life of a Turkish teacher, teaching the Turkish language to Kurdish children in a remote village in Turkey…(81 mins.)

Director: Ozgür DoganOrhan Eskiköy

Stars: Emre AydinRojda HuzVehip HuzZulkuf Huz

90. Gelin (1973)

A young woman moves with her husband and small child to her husband’s family in Istanbul. Her son becomes… (92 mins.)

Director: Lütfi Akad

Stars: Hülya KoçyigitKerem YilmazerAli SenNazan Adali

91. Adı Vasfiye (1985)

(90 mins.)

Director: Atif Yilmaz

Stars: Müjde ArAytaç ArmanErol DurakMacit Koper

92. Salkım Hanımın Taneleri (1999)

A tax causes lots of pains in Turkey at the second world war times. This movie tells the problems of non muslim people in Turkey… (120 mins.)

Director: Tomris Giritlioglu

Stars: Hülya AvsarZafer AlgözGüven KiraçZuhal Olcay

On Fertile Lands (1980) Poster93. Bereketli Topraklar Üzerinde (1980)

(115 mins.)

Director: Erden Kiral

Stars: Yaman OkayErkan YücelNur SürerTuncel Kurtiz

94. Mayıs Sıkıntısı (1999)

This is a movie within movie, which is almost recursive, i.e., the movie inside looks like director Ceylan’s previous movie…(130 mins.)

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Stars: Emin CeylanMuzaffer ÖzdemirFatma CeylanEmin Toprak

95. Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (1982)

Two space cadets crash-land on a desert planet, where an evil wizard seeks the ultimate power to take over the world. Although the movie borrows some background footage from Star Wars, the plot is mostly unrelated. (91 mins.)

Director: Çetin Inanç

Stars: Cüneyt ArkinAytekin AkkayaFüsun UçarHüseyin Peyda

96. Acı Hayat (1962)

(96 mins.)

Director: Metin Erksan

Stars: Ayhan IsikTürkan SorayEkrem BoraNebahat Çehre

97. Berlin in Berlin (1993)

A young German engineer photographs a beautiful Turkish woman without her permission. Her husband finds out and starts a fight… (99 mins.)

Director: Sinan Çetin

Stars: Hülya AvsarCem ÖzerArmin BlockAliye Rona


98. Düttürü Dünya (1988)

(91 mins.)

Director: Zeki Ökten

Stars: Jale AylançCezmi BaskinGuzin CoraganErdal Gulven

99. 9 (2002)

Cops question six people about the rape and murder of a beautiful vagrant (91 mins.)

Director: Ümit Ünal

Stars: Ali PoyrazogluCezmi BaskinSerra YilmazFikret Kuskan

Steam: The Turkish Bath (1997) Poster100. Hamam (1997)

Francesco and Marta are husband and wife running a small design company in Rome. When Francesco’s long forgotten Aunt Anita dies in Istanbul… (94 mins.)

Director: Ferzan Ozpetek

Stars: Alessandro GassmanFrancesca d’AlojaCarlo CecchiHalil Ergün



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