Elif Suyabatmaz is visiting Sydney for “Mirrored” Photograph Exhibition

| April 9, 2015

10249087_954388331278644_963797369_nTurkish-American photographer Elif Suyabatmaz and Australian photographer Markus Anderson are opening their exhibition “Mirrored” 6:00 -8:00 pm Friday, 10th April, 2015 at Australian Centre For Photography, Paddington, Sydney.

Mirrored is an exhibition encompassing both photo-documentary and street photography images of the cities of Sydney and Istanbul.

Sydney-based photographer Markus Andersen and Istanbul-based photographer Elif Suyabatmaz responded to each other’s images with their own imagery, full of contrasts, humour and emotions. The work is designed to tell a visual story of daily life in both cities, catching unguarded moments of the people, characteristics and architecture of both cities.

The resulting images reflect both the differences and similarities of the contemporary Turkish and Australian way of life, mirroring one another in both subtle and more obvious ways.

Anderson and Suyabatmaz did not go out and shoot similar photos for the purpose of this project. Instead, both — who have more than 80,000 followers on Instagram between the two of them — worked from 2011 through 2014 at documenting their respective city through black-and-white photos captured on their iPhones.

It was through the editing process that these similar “mirror” shots were discovered and paired together. Here are some of the diptychs found in the series:


City – Markus Anderson – Elif Suyabatmaz

Elif Suyabatmaz with Markus Andersen will also be part of Sunday Talk Session at Australian Centre For Photography, Paddington, Sydney. Free talk programme will start 2:00 pm Sunday, 12th April 2015.

Elif Suyabatmaz

Elif Suyabatmaz

This creative duo will discuss their collaborative project from its initiation to its exhibition, and how they have incorporated individual technique and style into this shared project. Markus and Elif will also discuss the practicalities of maintaining momentum and engagement despite their geographical distance, and the collaborative opportunities presented by social media platforms like Instagram.

Come along and gain insight on this unique partnership and hear what they have planned for the future, both as individual photographers and as part of this exciting photographic team.

Elif Suyabatmaz is a talented young photographer, although born in America she has lived most of her life in Turkey. She has photographed extensively in Cuba, Yemen and China. Suyabatmaz has a Masters in Film Studies from Istanbul Bilgi University and a Masters of Fine Art (Graphic Design) from Marmara University, Istanbul. She is a member of the photography group Tiny Collective. You can follow her work through @Fisheyedreams.

“Mirrored” at the Australian Centre for Photography
WHEN          Sunday 12th April – Sunday 7th June / Opening Night: 6:00 pm Friday, 10th April, 2015
WHERE       AUSTRALIAN CENTRE OF PHOTOGRAPHY – 257 Oxford Street, Paddington
Gallery Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday        10am – 5pm
Sunday                               12pm – 5pm

PRICE           Free


Me, myself and the seagull - Istanbul - Elif Suyabatmaz

Me, myself and the seagull – Istanbul – Elif Suyabatmaz



Light in dark – Istanbul – Elif Suyabatmaz



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